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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Toyota Vios J Limited Edition 2013

Toyota Vios recently released a Limited Edition J which priced at 631,000php. This is a very good alternative if you are a budget conscious buyer. This variant offers front fog lights, power windows, central lock system and 15 inch alloy wheels, unlike the classic J which doesn't have these features. It comes with 1.3 VVT-i engine that produces 85HP. The difference between the 1.3 G and 1.3J LE variant are keyless entry with remote integrated to the key, ABS, EBD and head unit. Almost all the rest are the same.

I personally drove one of these cars, and I would say acceleration is decent. The car is nimble, and overtaking huge truck and trailers doesn't shed a single sweat. There's even a video on Youtube where 1.3 MT Vios hits 200kph mark at STCEX, but I personally don't advice you to try that speed.

There's just a little problem that you have to face when buying this car this year. There's a possibility that Toyota will release a new model next year since this model has been in the market for almost 6 years now. The bright side is, Toyota has a good reputation when it comes to resale value. Disposing it wouldn't be a problem.

Toyota Vios is known for reliability, good fuel consumption, high resale value and spacious seats. This car maybe boring for others, but this is the safest choice. You can  also check out my previous post about the new Mitsubishi Mirage if you're the type of buyer who would like to try something new.

Disclaimer: Photos are not owned by the blogger, copyright infringement not intended  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mitsubishi Mirage GLX vs. GLS

The all-new Mitsubishi Mirage offers 4 variants, these are GLX MT, GLX AT CVT, GLS MT and GLS AT CVT. Some of the buyers are torn between these variants, whether to choose GLX or GLS. Let me give a short list of these variants’ features.


GLX headunit 
·   Front power windows (back seat has classic manual roll up windows)
·   Rear Window Defogger
·   High-Mount Stop Lamp - LED-Type (Tailgate-Integrated)
·   Air Conditioner (manual)
·   1.2 Liter 3 In-Line DOHC MIVEC Gasoline (3A92) Engine
·   Electronic type power steering
·   3-Spoke Urethane steering wheel
·   2-DIN Single In-Dash CD / MP3 / Tuner / Aux
Jack / USB port / iPod-ready / Bluetooth Connectivity
·    2  Speakers       
·   14-Inch Steel (with Full Wheel Cover)
·     Black door sash and side mirrors
·     Bench type backseat with 2 headrest


·  All power windows
·  High-mount stop lamp - LED-Type (Rear spoiler-integrated)
·   Air conditioner/climate control (automatic)
·   1.2 Liter 3 In-Line DOHC MIVEC Gasoline (3A92) Engine
·    Electronic type power steering
·   3-spoke leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob
·    Rear spoiler
·    ABS/EBD
·    Dual airbags
·   15-Inch alloy
·    Multi-media system with GPS
·    Keyless Operation System (KOS) push start/stop engine
·   60:40 split backseat with 3 headrest
·   Power side mirrors (adjust only)

For you to be able to determine which variant is suitable for you, first you need to ask yourself these following questions:

· How much is my budget?
· What’s the use of this car for me?
· For how long do I plan to keep this car?
· Do I need these extra features?

By then, you can asses if you need to pay extra to get the higher trim of this car. Well, if you are fond of making modification such as changing rims, putting side skirts and extension, or just planning to make this as a project car, I would suggest you get the GLX variant. GLX can still take you from point A to point B. So, if you think that the features that the higher trim are useless, then this is the perfect car for you.

On the other hand, If you are the type of buyer who doesn't have any budget issues, and would like to have a factory manufactured features, then go for GLS. Having the top-of-the-line variant would save you time and effort from making modifications. Good luck!

These pictures are owned by:

* Apollo Bautista
* Jo Chan
* Joey Caro

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Glimpse of the New Mitsubishi Mirage 2012

I went to SM city Cagayan de Oro together with my wife to see the Mitsubishi Mirage for the first time. We’ve been waiting for quite some time to check out the car. Before, our only source of information is through videos and pictures which we get from Google and Youtube. Based on the pictures you see on the internet, it will give you an impression of a very small car, but when you see the real thing, it’s a different story. 

I am 5'8" and I got no trouble at all in getting in and out of the car. The backseat is huge, even 3 passengers can sit comfortably without using the word “squeeze”. The leg room is so generous that you can even put a laptop bag together with your feet.  The head room is great, too!

If I mentioned that the back seat is comfortable, wait until you sit in the front seat! It’s ultimately comfortable. Sitting in the front feels like riding an expensive car. The quality of the plastics is awesome and the seats are pretty cool. The legroom is so great that you can squeeze a medium-sized backpack together with your feet.  

Let’s end the story of being a passenger and sit in the captain’s lazy-boy. Sitting in the driver’s seat doesn’t feel like sitting in a budget car. The steering wheel is wrapped with leather including the shift knob. The car has great visibility that you don’t need to get a back sensor. The clutch is so soft that I can describe it as feather like clutch, and it also has a foot rest.

 If you think that all were said, wait there’s more! The unit that we’ve checked is a GLS Manual transmission.

This model offers these features:

* Multi-media system/GPS
* Keyless operation - push start/stop button
* ABS and EBD
* Power steering
* 15-inch alloy wheels
* Power side mirrors
* Alarm
* Fog lamps
* Power windows
* Tonneau cover(hard top)
* Automatic air conditioner/climate control
* Spoiler with high-mount brake light

The price is at PHP 588,000 with 25k discount and free 15k worth of accessories if you pay the reservation fee of 10k, though the promo is only valid until October 31, 2012. It’s definitely a bang for the buck, knowing the price of the Toyota Vios base model is at PHP 584,000 and it’s still not the J model.

I talked with my SA which happens to be a friend and asked about the performance of this car, he said “hindi ko pa na subokang e maneho ito pero sabi nang kumuha ng kotse sa bodega, ang takbo daw ay parang mitsu ASX. Matulin talaga”

I don’t have any first-hand experience driving this car yet, but I’ll keep you posted when I do have one. I paid 10k for the reservation and expecting the unit to arrive 2nd week of November. For those who are hunting for a new ride, better check out this car!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Buying a car thru bank car loan

I spent weeks looking for raw information on how to buy a car thru car loan. There's always a first time on everything, and this would be my first time to buy a brand new car thru car loan. I find it awkward asking the bank or the agent on the process, so I decided to make a research to save my ass from embarrassment. However, I failed to do so. I can't find a blog or an article for the process.

Anyway, I went to the bank and did inquire on the application process. They instantly gave me an application form which needs to be filled out with personal information including your financial income and the type of car you plan to purchase. There are also requirements that you need to submit to the bank such as your ITR, business permit (for self employed), COE (certificate of employment), bank statement and financial statement. After giving all of the necessary requirements, they will conduct a credit investigation (CI). After approximately three (3) days, you will receive a call from the bank whether your application is approved or not.

If you're lucky to have an approval, prepare the 20% down payment which I think the banks usually require for the minimum down payment. So, if your car would cost 1 million pesos, you need to pay 200k for the 20%. down payment. You also need to know that the chattel and insurance are not included in the 20% down payment. Which means, you need to pay extra for the other fees. They would also probably charge you 30K for insurance and 20K for chattel. To sum up, you will approximately pay 250k for the down payment.

The bank will issue a purchase order (PO) in which the bank will pay the whole amount of the car. It is good as cash, and paying cash entitles you a discount. Don't forget to haggle for discount. Usually,  the car dealer would give like 20k discount depending on the car.

Oh, before I forget, you also need to pay freight and handling which would range from 20k-30k and TPL insurance(LTO requirement) that cost P1500.

Please don't forget to ask for the freebies.

These are the following freebies that they usually offer:

* Car tint
* Car matting
* LTO registration
* Seat cover
* 3 years warranty
* Half full-tank of fuel

I hope you find this article informative...=)