Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mitsubishi Mirage GLX vs. GLS

The all-new Mitsubishi Mirage offers 4 variants, these are GLX MT, GLX AT CVT, GLS MT and GLS AT CVT. Some of the buyers are torn between these variants, whether to choose GLX or GLS. Let me give a short list of these variants’ features.


GLX headunit 
·   Front power windows (back seat has classic manual roll up windows)
·   Rear Window Defogger
·   High-Mount Stop Lamp - LED-Type (Tailgate-Integrated)
·   Air Conditioner (manual)
·   1.2 Liter 3 In-Line DOHC MIVEC Gasoline (3A92) Engine
·   Electronic type power steering
·   3-Spoke Urethane steering wheel
·   2-DIN Single In-Dash CD / MP3 / Tuner / Aux
Jack / USB port / iPod-ready / Bluetooth Connectivity
·    2  Speakers       
·   14-Inch Steel (with Full Wheel Cover)
·     Black door sash and side mirrors
·     Bench type backseat with 2 headrest


·  All power windows
·  High-mount stop lamp - LED-Type (Rear spoiler-integrated)
·   Air conditioner/climate control (automatic)
·   1.2 Liter 3 In-Line DOHC MIVEC Gasoline (3A92) Engine
·    Electronic type power steering
·   3-spoke leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob
·    Rear spoiler
·    ABS/EBD
·    Dual airbags
·   15-Inch alloy
·    Multi-media system with GPS
·    Keyless Operation System (KOS) push start/stop engine
·   60:40 split backseat with 3 headrest
·   Power side mirrors (adjust only)

For you to be able to determine which variant is suitable for you, first you need to ask yourself these following questions:

· How much is my budget?
· What’s the use of this car for me?
· For how long do I plan to keep this car?
· Do I need these extra features?

By then, you can asses if you need to pay extra to get the higher trim of this car. Well, if you are fond of making modification such as changing rims, putting side skirts and extension, or just planning to make this as a project car, I would suggest you get the GLX variant. GLX can still take you from point A to point B. So, if you think that the features that the higher trim are useless, then this is the perfect car for you.

On the other hand, If you are the type of buyer who doesn't have any budget issues, and would like to have a factory manufactured features, then go for GLS. Having the top-of-the-line variant would save you time and effort from making modifications. Good luck!

These pictures are owned by:

* Apollo Bautista
* Jo Chan
* Joey Caro


jojo musa said...

dont go for keyless model, its just a bad experience, if i could only swap my gls cvt i will exchange it even with i10

khomaigz said...

What's wrong with your unit sir? I actually own a GLS MT. So far, I am satisfied and so impressed with this car. Have your unit checked on your dealer. Mitsubishi offered 5-year warranty for this model. I am sure your KOS problem should be covered. =)

pretty_angel said...

Can someone tell me how to change time settings on Mirage GLX?
The manual isn't helpful as the illustration there is different from the actual radio screen. :(

elaine noriega said...

Hi pretty angel! I have the same problem. Can somebody please help us. Thanks!

elaine noriega said...

Hi pretty_angel! I figured out how to adjust the clock already.
1. Press & hold 'disp' until 'ipod lock' appears.
2. While pressing 'disp', short press |<<
3. When clock 12/24 appears, release 'disp'.
4. Then press, >>| a couple of times until the time appears
5. You may adjust the hour by turning the power/volume button. To adjust the minute, press >>| then turn the power/volume button.

Hope this helps :-)

Esther Ectin said...

which is better? mirage gls at or mt? im living in a province... im confused with regards to fuel consumption.... can anyone help me about this pls?

khomaigz said...

Hi, Esther Ectin! I am also from the province. My car is Mirage GLS MT. The clutch is so soft and doesn't feel like it's pain in the arse driving in heavy traffic, though I would still prefer GLS AT if budget was not issue.

I heard there are issues such as hard starting in the first batch of Mirage AT, but I think Mitsubishi has fixed those bugs on their following batches.

Since your only concern is fuel consumption, the figures of fuel consumption for AT doesn't fall far from MT variant. Mirage is using CVT technology for their automatic variant. CVT technology is known to achieve good fuel economy for AT unlike the old traditional 4-speed automatic transmission.

To answer your question, fuel consumption is not an issue. It's a matter of preference. You will never go wrong in either of the two. I hope this helps. Thank you for visiting my blog! =)

Bryan Manahan said...

Nice blog. I will bookmark this for future use

Joseph Magcamit said...

Is Mirage G4 GLX A/T worth the price? I am planning to buy one by next month

Disenyo Grafika said...

how do you setup the bluetooth sa GLX 2015? The manual only talks about the old models kasi.

Cain Milla said...

How to get my stereo for GLX compatible to my iphone?

Ryan said...

Paano gamitin un tv selection sa dashboard?

Ashley Madison said...

Does it support USB chargers? I would like to buy the mirage, but I'm wondering if it can support electric gadgets while on the road. My mom's Montero has its own charger that you can use while you're driving. She got her car charger at BTW, I'm a gadget addict that's why this is very important to me.

khomaigz said...

@ryan: the GLS TV selection on the dashboard doesn't work. The casa said you need to get a TV tuner to use it.

@Ashley Madisom: Yes it does. I have a USB socket available inside the glove compartment which you can plug USB flash drive to play music directly and charge gadgets. It also has a 12 volt socket for car charger which you can put USB adapter. You can also listen music or answer calls directly while on the road using the bluetooth connectivity. I have GLS MT by the way. I'm not that certain if the GLX has these features though.

Joesph Magcamit: It's totally worth it! I've been using my mirage for 2 years and 7 months now. I don't have any complain. Capable of running high speed, good fuel consumption, good features and easy to park.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Unknown said...

re:"The casa said you need to get a TV tuner to use it. " how sir? san pwede ipa ayos o bilhin yan? own 2015 gls mt..thank you!

Alvin Apsay said...

re:"The casa said you need to get a TV tuner to use it. " how sir? san pwede ipa ayos o bilhin yan? own 2015 gls mt..thank you!

Victor Frondozo said...

mga sir, how can we play music using mirage gls using android via bluetooth? ty

Crash Eight said...

Hi, does the GLS CVT variant side mirrors integrated with side turn lamps or is it sold separately as accessories?

Unknown said...

Ano pinag kaiba ng gls at glx mga sir

Pat Mabingnay said...

Gls na ako dyan :)

Lyra Lyn Arreza said...

I owned a mirage g4 glx 2015 for almost 2 mos. Then 1st time ko mag night driving nashock ako kc di pala umiilaw ung sa may kambyo so di ko nkkta thu automatic naman pero usually kc nglilight un. Umiilaw po ba un hnanap ko na kc sa manual e.thank u

Unknown said...

I am having push start Mirage (Imported from Japan) and I lost my Primary FOB key with buttons and now i am using backup immobilizer for the car...

Local techs don't have the security software to configure the new key for key less entry and all that...

In my country Mitsubishi dealership is not available...

Anyone who can help me????

Krysta Choi said...

Hello, can i just ask something? Roll up padin po ba yung windows sa likod ng 2015 model? Thank you pls reply

ej regado said...

whats the difference between mirage gls 1.2 cvt 2015 to 2104

IloiloMALE said...

Which is actually better boss, the mirage GLS OR GLX? Thanx a lot

Kathyreen Grace Rengalota said...

hi! im a first time car buyer and I really want to own mirage hatch.. I am confused of what to get, a GLX CVT, or GLS MT? they are almost of the same monthly payment range which is just accdg to my budget. If not of the constraint I would definitely go for GLS CVT =(.. Any thoughts?

James of Sta Rosa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James of Sta Rosa said...

I own a Mitsubishi Hatchback GLS -AT 2014 model. Just yesterday my car did not start. Since it falls on a Sunday then I have to resort to local mechanics. He checked all fuses which was all good. When the spark plugs were checked it was wet and all 3 spark plugs were flooded with gas. (All spark plugs are new and had 6k run only). Yesterday, I had it towed out to AMCAR - Sta Rosa. According to AMCAR representative, the car went flooded (NALUNOD) of excessive fuel. (Remember this is an AT model and push button type so you dont apply gas when starting. Only the brake must be pushed) They cleaned it up and it started. He said many mirage owner have the same problem. So I wanted opinions from you guys if you have experienced the same issue. My car was just 2 years old and it is already giving me problems. If there are some other guys having the same experience, then I suggest we file suit collectively against Mitsubishi for this matter as early as we could as this is turning to be nuisance for all of us.

James of Sta Rosa

Tolits Mullens said...

Victor Frondozo
mga sir, how can we play music using mirage gls using android via bluetooth? ty
Buy ka sir bluetooth receiver,online marami,,

achiever said...

we are also experiencing hard starting on our mirage g4 gls cvt. we are experiencing it once a month of hard starting. palyado ang makina for the first 5-10 seconds then the idling becomes normal.

Lito Fajardo said...

i bought a mirage g4 cvt gls 6 months ago, its just a very comport sedan to drive. but recently i experience this whistle noise when i apply the brake especially in the morning when the engine is not yet warm. is this normal issue in this model. did someone own the same model experienced the same..?

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Unknown said...

Nice blog its very helpful to car buyers, owners of Mirage I am a big fan of Mitsubishi since Jackie Chan use it in his movie

joem lero said...

Guys help naman po anu po video compatible n file kasi hnd ko mapanuood ung video sa LCD Mitsubishi g4 2016

Racing kid said...

I need to change my spark plug, I own a GLS Is it ok to use an ordinary platinum spark plug than the expensive iridium spark plug?

Renesa Hendler said...

Madali bang masira ang steering wheel sa mitsubishi mirage GLS automatic?

Renesa Hendler said...

Madali bang masira ang steering wheel sa mitsubishi mirage GLS automatic?

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