Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Toyota Vios J Limited Edition 2013

Toyota Vios recently released a Limited Edition J which priced at 631,000php. This is a very good alternative if you are a budget conscious buyer. This variant offers front fog lights, power windows, central lock system and 15 inch alloy wheels, unlike the classic J which doesn't have these features. It comes with 1.3 VVT-i engine that produces 85HP. The difference between the 1.3 G and 1.3J LE variant are keyless entry with remote integrated to the key, ABS, EBD and head unit. Almost all the rest are the same.

I personally drove one of these cars, and I would say acceleration is decent. The car is nimble, and overtaking huge truck and trailers doesn't shed a single sweat. There's even a video on Youtube where 1.3 MT Vios hits 200kph mark at STCEX, but I personally don't advice you to try that speed.

There's just a little problem that you have to face when buying this car this year. There's a possibility that Toyota will release a new model next year since this model has been in the market for almost 6 years now. The bright side is, Toyota has a good reputation when it comes to resale value. Disposing it wouldn't be a problem.

Toyota Vios is known for reliability, good fuel consumption, high resale value and spacious seats. This car maybe boring for others, but this is the safest choice. You can  also check out my previous post about the new Mitsubishi Mirage if you're the type of buyer who would like to try something new.

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